Hot Water Tank Repair

Our trucks are stocked with both universal and brand specific parts allowing us to service all makes and models of water heaters. Our technicians receive training across brands to keep them savvy with technologies both old and new.

TPR Valves

TPR stands for temperature and pressure relief. This valve, located on the upper side of the tank, is a safety mechanism working to prevent tank explosion and tank overheating. These can deploy prematurely or seize up and should be exercised as part of a routine maintenance program. Contact us today to test or replace this important safety mechanism.

TPR Pipes

The TPR valve, located on the upper side of the tank, should have a pipe installed extending down to the floor. This is a safety component, preventing scalding from hot water release through the valve. Every tank should have one of these installed, no exceptions. Contact us today to make sure this is installed and installed properly.

Expansion Tanks

According to today’s plumbing code, expansion tanks should be installed on the cold water supply line. This helps prevent the premature activation of the TPR valve and helps extend the life of the hot water tank. You may have one installed but it may have an internal failure. They have roughly the same life span as a hot water tank. Contact us today to determine if you have an expansion tank and if it’s working properly.

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