A power-vent tank is a more efficient version of a traditional hot water tank. The easiest way to tell if you have a power-vent tank is the exhaust plumbing on the top. If you have a silver “stove pipe,” it’s a standard efficiency tank. If you have a PVC pipe, it’s a high efficiency tank, or “power-vent.” We can convert your standard efficiency tank to a power-vent, contact us for more details.


Power-vent tanks, or high efficiency tanks, are eligible for rebates through your utility company. Visit your energy provider’s website for further rebate information or contact us for assistance.


A high-efficient tank typically vents through the side of your home with PVC piping. This allows you to bypass your chimney. In a remodel situation, this can be beneficial. When paired with a high efficiency furnace, older homes can eliminate the chimney opening up more design freedom. Just another reason to upgrade to a high efficient tank.

Fuel Conversion

Gas utilities are expanding their service areas at a rapid rate. If you’ve got gas available to you and you’re not taking advantage of it, the time is now! Often times, gas is available close by and your neighbors can help you request gas availability in your neighborhood. Gas appliances are much more efficient than oil or propane and the switch is highly recommended if possible. Let us help you through the process of conversion!

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