American’s ProLine water heaters and Navien tankless water heaters are both efficient and reliable. They’ve been thoroughly tested in labs to ensure that they last, and that means peace of mind for you and your family.


American’s ProLine family and the Navien family include hundreds of different products, so The Hot Water Tank Guys can help you select the one that will perform best based on how you and your family use hot water.


All American water heaters and Navien systems are backed by top-notch tank and parts warranties. 6 years on tank parts, 1 year labor and 5 year parts, 15 year heat exchanger and 1 year labor on tankless systems.


The commercial-grade ProLine family and Navien family of products are not available in big box stores. For example, the hot water tanks you can buy at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot are only 34,000 BTU systems. Our American Water Heaters come in at 40,000 BTU, so basically they’re more efficient and will heat up more quickly.


The Hot Water Tank Guys are experts in installation safety and know the correct techniques for proper venting, for working with gas and electric utilities, and for protecting your homes existing plumbing system.


American ProLine water heaters are designed with commercial-grade components for increased durability and reliability. Their signature glass lining provides a strong protective barrier to prevent corrosion. The Self-Cleaning system reduces the accumulation of sediment and minerals that can shorten tank life. And the Stainless Steel Core Anodes are designed for added life.


The Hot Water Tank Guys install water heaters every day. It’s our job to do it better than anyone else.


Water heater technology has changed a lot in recent years. The Hot Water Tank Guys receive regular technology training and understand how to maximize water heater efficiency and energy savings for you.


Just as American and Navien stand behind their products, The Hot Water Tank Guys stand behind our installation work. We’ll be here if and when you ever need us.


We can advise you on the rebates available to you for upgrading your existing systems to more energy efficient options, saving you money both up front and in the long run.